quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

E a Merkel ralada

Estão todos muitos satisfeitos porque a Itália ganhou e a Alemanha [Merkel] perdeu. O povo comum vê nestas coisas do futebol uma desforra da ruína financeira que atingiu Portugal. Não serve de nada, amanhã tudo estará na mesma: a Itália, Portugal e os outros Pigs continuarão falidos e a Alemanha continuará a ser a rica credora que não pagará as dívidas dos mal governados países do Sul. 
Em vez de se rirem da Merkel, deveriam antes refletir porque motivos Portugal chegou a este estado. Excesso de futebol é um deles.

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Anónimo disse...

We have never been so close from History repeating itself. All you need is somebody that knows how to speak.

"(...) We are experiencing now what happened then: the old states were dissolved without even asking their peoples' opinion. Not in one single case was the nation asked if it agreed with the measures that others would put into place in them. Old, almost historical bodies were dissolved - not just states, but also economic bodies. One could not imagine something better in their stead, since what is created over a period of several centuries is probably better than anything else; it was definitely impossible for those people that view all of European history with the greatest arrogance to create something better. So it passed that, without taking into account a nation's right to self-determination, Europe was hacked up, Europe was torn open, large states were dissolved, nations had their rights taken away. This was done by first making them helpless, then categorizing them in a manner that predetermined who the winners and the losers would be. (...)"

German Chancelor,
Speech at the Berlin Sportspalast,
January 30, 1940

André Miguel disse...

Além de não ficar ralada, só lhe estão a dar razão.

Fean disse...