quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Série 'As heranças do engenheiro'

José Sócrates na inauguração das obras do Liceu Passos Manuel. Para além do ex-primeiro ministro, repare-se nas três personagens que estão à direita da fotografia.
Ninguém foi preso. 

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Ungeziefer disse...

"(...) I know that by no manner of means, by no preventive measures, and by no penalties will dishonesty ever be completely extirpated from our midst, for the reason that its roots have struck too deep, and that the dishonourable traffic in bribes has become a necessity to, even the mainstay of, some whose nature is not innately venal. Also, I know that, to many men, it is an impossibility to swim against the stream. Yet now,at this solemn and critical juncture, when the country is calling aloud for saviours, and it is the duty of every citizen to contribute and to sacrifice his all, I feel that I cannot but issue an appeal to every man in whom a [Portuguese] heart and a spark of what we understand by the word 'nobility' exist. (...)"

Nikolai Gogol in "Dead Souls"

Jorge Rodrigues disse...

O excerpto de "dead souls" de Nikolai Gogol aplica-se que nem uma luva a este seu post.